I am…

8 05 2010

I am a thinking Filipino.

I am tired of broken promises and want change.

I am an instrument of change.

I have the priceless right to suffrage and this is not for sale.

I will help shape the future of my country by doing my part.

I believe in the Filipino people and its potential.

I am my own person.

I will listen to what others will say but will decide for myself what I believe is right.

I will vote wisely.

I am part of the silent majority.

I am decided.

I am for G1BO.


The 6th man

8 05 2010

In basketball, the sixth man is a player who is not a starter but comes first off the bench much more often than other reserves.  The sixth man is often a player who can play multiple roles, hence he is the utility man. The presence of a good sixth man is often a sign of excellence, and usually means that a team has excellent depth, as he is usually more than talented enough to start for most teams.

I am dedicating this blog to the “sixth men and women” of Gibo’s campaign, the group that exerted alot of effort to make things happen and made a significant contribution during the course of the campaign: the volunteers.  Here’s to the team who hustled after loose balls, rebounds and played good defense whenever people would debunk the platform of our candidate. Here’s to the team that supported each other, assisting those who were in need especially during those trying times. To those who managed to steal some votes from the competition and turned them into Gibonians, and to those who would cheer Gibo on wherever he would be. Let us also not forget those who are not seen or heard, but believe that Gibo can make a difference in this country — the silent majority. These are the people who have been with him since day one, and those who have seen the potential of this man and believed in him.

On May 10, we would be going to our respective polling precincts and vote for our candidate of choice. It is high time the 6th man turns into a marquee player who would deliver our star to victory.  Sulong, G1BO!

The Green Manifesto

5 05 2010

Our Choice is still G1BO

5 05 2010

By: Marikit and Martin

With the National Elections so close at hand, we are both tensed and excited to see where our nation will go. Who will lead us? Who will bring us out of this dump that we are in? It is in this time that we have to learn how to look past all the color, glamour and noise of the campaign. We have to look past celebrity endorsements and other endorsements by influential people. We have to start thinking by ourselves and examine our hearts in silence start thinking very deeply about our choice.

We have to find a leader who has the qualities we need. We do not need the richest, the most good looking or the most popular. What we need is a leader who possesses the following qualities that Aristotle gave us: Ethos (Character), Logos ( Logic) and Pathos ( Emotion or Heart).

Our Choice is still Gilbert Teodoro because he has strength of character.

In the election campaign, who pushed for a positive campaign? Who fought a gentleman’s war?  When everyone was busy bashing each other, our candidate of choice was serving people. He always did what he needed to do and he took the high ground.  He worked.  He finished what he started. He doesn’t believe in defeat.

With regards with his critics, he didn’t fight back. He respected their opinions and took it like a gentleman. He stood above the attacks, with the resiliency of a rock. He took it like a gentleman. He did not bash other people, nor criticize them. He didn’t need to take low blows or make a desperate appeal to sympathy by using old people and dead parents.  He stood on his own. He made his own name with his own strength.

He is independent and he uses his own strength- He didn’t falter when GMA left him hanging.  He didn’t waiver nor lose hope. He kept on going.  In fact, it fueled him to campaign harder. It fueled him to show people that he was never her puppet. He stood above everyone else and showed everyone that he was someone not to be trifled with. But he did it with class. He is calm and collected.  He doesn’t hit below the belt or play funny games. He smiles and answers with respect.  Don’t you want your country’s representative to be as cool as that? Do you really want to have a person who doesn’t know the meaning of restraint to be the face of our country? No.  That is why we need him.

We need someone like Gilbert Teodoro to show the world that we are not nincompoops, nor we are not oompa-loompas from Lala Land. We need to show the world that the Filipino people are respectable, hospitable, smart and beautiful people. In his Presidential race, the one who shows most promise for this is the one and only , Gibo.

He is a man to be emulated. He is a man that we are proud to call our president. He is a man who will represent our country. He is trustworthy. He is loyal. He is transparent. He is true. He shows silent strength that is what we need in these noisy times.

He is Gilbert Teodoro. A Man of Character and OUR 15th PRESIDENT.

Our Choice is still Gilbert Teodoro because he is a Great thinker.

We need a person who can think for himself. We need someone who has the proper education, the proper credentials and the proper IQ to help think for the whole nation. The President is the brains and mastermind of the whole operation, he does not really need to be a man of action ( we prefer that that would be the role of Mr. Vice President).  We need someone who has the ability to think and give us fresh ideas. We need someone who can represent for us on the world stage.  We need brains not brawn.

Gilbert Teodoro has that. He is practically a genius. His list of  scholastic achievements is impressive and that alone made me admire him. He speaks intelligently. He thinks before he speaks. He is articulate and can voice out what is needed to be said and done.

Gibo is not only a scholar, but a pilot, a man who knows how to defend the country as the former Secretary of Defense. He has the tactical know-how and strategy to keep us out of harms way and to deal with those who wants to raise arms against our nation. Can we save our country by simply praying and crying out and declaring PEOPLE POWER every time? I don’t think so.  Can we save our country through political advertisements and double-dealing? No. But we definitely can defend ourselves if we have a good pilot at the helm – someone who knows what he’s doing instead of someone who is clueless.

Many would say that if that’s so, then we might as well consider Dick Gordon. Dick Gordon is a close second in my book, but he is a man of action. We need that quality as our Vice President. But as a president, Richard Gordon may not possess the breadth of knowledge that Gilbert Teodoro has. On the other hand, why would we trust our country to someone who can’t think for himself? Why should we trust our country to someone who trusts that the Magic will make him win this race. This is a country, not an imaginary kingdom We need someone with a good IQ and a sane mind.

We need someone who can talk for us and not smile and nod. We need someone who can understand our problems and think of solutions. We need a big brain to help us make changes in our lives. This is what our candidate offers.

Face it, we need Gilbert Teodoro a man who we can trust that would think of ways to better our country. We need a man with a big brain to represent us in the big leagues.

Our Choice is still Gilbert Teodoro because he has heart.

Imagine being at your dad’s funeral when you learned that there was a tragedy somewhere in Leyte. What would you do? Would you stay with your family and mourn for your father or would you get up and go out of your way to go and help those who are in need. If you were Gilbert Teodoro, you would do the latter. Because Gilbert Teodoro actually left his father’s wake to pilot a plane to take relief goods to those affected by floods in Leyte.  He did this because he had the capacity and the ability to help. He also did that because he was a man of service and a man with a big heart.

He is a selfless man who jumped into the waters of Ondoy to help out people. He thought of ways to help and set it into action. As long as he is capable, I know that Gilbert Teodoro will do it.

There is constant criticism that he is too upper class and that he does not appeal or cannot relate to the middle and lower classes. However, Gilbert Teodoro wants to help. He is oozing with sincerity. He doesn’t expect anything in return. He wants to save lives, he wants to help. He wants to bring us out of this rut that we are in.

Gilbert Teodoro is a smart man with a big heart. He is compassionate. He has a strong heart – a heart of a Filipino. I know that he loves each and every single individual

He has emotions and he shows it. He’s neither a dead fish nor a robot. He is human and that’s fine with me, because I would rather have a human president than a resident drone. He’s not Superman and he knows it. Yet he is doing super things for everyone.

Gilbert Teodoro never claimed Utopia. He never claimed that he can singlehandedly change the country. He never promised a perfect world. He simply offered us what he has, his brain, his talent, and his heart for the service of the Filipino People. He never said he could do it all.  And that is something that everyone else never said.

Gibo believes in the Filipino people. He believes that together, we can make our country a better place.r. He gave the world of Philippine Politics a run for their money and gave it a fresh face. A face that is positive and looking forward to a brighter future.  A face that will launch, not a thousand ships, but a fleet of people who believe that we can do it! We can change the Philippines. We can make our country proud.

We need him. We need Gilbert Teodoro. We need a great thinker. We need a big heart. We need a man with strength of character. We do not need the richest, the smartest, the most charming nor the most powerful to lead our country. We need someone who is REAL and that is what Gilbert Teodoro offers: A chance for a REAL person with realizable plans to take us to realizable goals. We need someone who offers us the world and gives us nothing. We do not need magic. We need someone who is real.

NO matter what other people say, no matter what other people do. He will be and will still remain our candidate of choice.  If he loses this campaign, that means that the Philippines is not ready for a president like him. The question is, if we let this chance pass when will another Gibo Teodoro appear in our country?








A Principled Choice

24 04 2010

In choosing a leader, one should examine the track record of the individual in question and evaluate whether or not his qualifications (or lack of them) best suit the role. Often in politics have we heard of leaders who would promise progress, yet we end up being disappointed because they failed to deliver. This coming election is no different, candidates promise us a better Philippines (and for some, an end to our misery) Yet one question remains: Whom should we choose? I would like to believe that all of the candidates who are running have good intentions to make this country a better place to live in, yet it is obvious that some are more incapable of leading than others.

Let us look at the top three candidates according to unofficial polls: The man in yellow believes that his clean track record would win him the Presidency…. but what have you done while you were in office? An actor-senator has filed more bills than you, and your filed bill is being chastised by the church. I do not believe that there exists someone who is THAT clean, I call that being self-righteous. Add the fact that there are questions left unanswered with regard to the plantation that they own. If you cannot manage a hacienda properly, what makes you think you can manage a country? His only leverage would be he is the son of personalities whom people look up to. But that does not mean that he should be given the same courtesy as well. Ladies and gentlemen, respect should be earned, not given. What you’ve earned is sympathy, not respect. The man in orange is no different either. Making the people believe that you champion the cause of the masses because you were once like them is ridiculous. There already is someone who fits the bill, and definitely that isn’t you. This other gentleman orange used to hold the highest position in the land, but we didn’t prosper with him at the helm. What makes you think he will be better now?

I am already tired of all this, and now would want someone who is dynamic and can champion the ideals of our country, and after hearing all candidates I have made my decision.

Here’s to the man in green, you make the most sense out of all those who are seeking the Presidency. You may not be the perfect candidate, but you are definitely real. I honestly do not know you from Adam and where you came from, but after hearing you I’m convinced you’re definitely it. There may be some skeletons in your closet, but to date they are not as bad compared to the others. This makes me believe that you are in fact capable, even if others think otherwise. There are not alot of people who lead a campaign like you do, and that is a welcome breath of fresh air in Philippine politics. I am confident that you can lead us to change we all can believe in.

The sympathy vote

23 04 2010

I recently had a conversation with some individuals who were to vote for the man in yellow, with the reason that this is a sympathy vote.

I’m sorry, but I do not see the reason for one to vote for the future of the country because of sympathy.  One should exercise his right to suffrage because he believes that this person is fit to lead the country, not because you sympathize with the person. If anything, one should empathize with the candidate.  What are the capabilities of this person in leading the nation? What can he do to make things better for us? Will he make us look good when he is on stage with other world leaders?

I forgot to add what their response was, “Ah basta, respetuhin mo na lang desisyon namin.

Patay tayo diyan, what happened to reason? It is ironic that those who cast such vote would be the first to complain whenever things go down the tank. Well, I wonder what he will say then.

Kayo ang aking lakas.

Oh dear, why would people vote for someone who does not have the fortitude to do things on his own?


Yikes, why would someone involve religion in a state exercise? This is the reason why the church involves itself in politics: we allow such an act to happen. No wonder there are Catholics who are transferring to other religions, they are already tired of the negativity.

The last time we gave the sympathy vote to a president, we didn’t exactly prosper. What makes you think that we will progress as a nation if we are to do this again?

On the church and state

11 04 2010

I was passing by our church this morning when I heard the priest giving his homily…which happened to center on politics, the elections and above all, WHOM to vote for.

I find that move totally uncalled for. YOUR responsibility is to guide the people in making morally right choices, NOT attempt to convince them through a bellicose form of persuasion. If the church were to involve itself in politics, why not tax these institutions since they are meddling in the affairs of the state? I see these people as those astrologers whom pharaohs and emperors would consult back in the day, giving advice that is sometimes outright dumb. The people have a right to think, and YOU are not helping at all.

I guess that is the reason why we Filipinos are like this: We were conditioned NOT to think, but to follow blind — This will lead to our doom as a nation. And to think we keep on complaining that people have either lost their morality or do not have and values at all. I wonder who is at fault, not the state if you would ask me.

It is weird that we have men of the cloth who are running for public office. My gosh, what has happened to us? Are we to turn into a nation that is being run by religious leaders? Doesn’t that sound cult-ish? I dread the day to see that the man who is behind that pulpit is the same man who will lead us in national progress.